OpenSignals (r)evolution

Check out the fact sheet... this is our easy-to-use, versatile, and scalable software for real-time biosignals visualization, capable of direct interaction with BITalino. Core functionality includes sensor data acquisition from multiple channels and devices, data visualization and recording, as well as loading of pre-recorded signals.

Data processing modules are available as optional add-ons, enabling one to do Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, extraction of statistical indicators from EMG data, and other convenient operations. OpenSignals is also a Python-powered web-based software framework, targeted at rapid application development; a bare bone code base is available on our GitHub.



The user manual for OpenSignals (r)evolution (v.2016) is available here

Download for your OS

Latest version available: February 24 2017 (win/mac)

Win 32-bit (v.2017)
Win 64-bit (v.2017)
Windows (v.2014)
Windows (v.2013)
Mac OS X (v.2017)
Mac OS X (v.2013 alpha)
Linux (v.2017)
Linux (v.2013 alpha)

OpenSignals Mobile

This is a slimmed down version of OpenSignals specifically designed to run on a mobile phone or tablet, while preserving the ease-of-use and performance for real-time sensor data visualization and recording.


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Android (v.2017 beta)

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OpenSignals-like application for Android OS
David G. Marquez
Android BITalino DataLogger
Data logger for Android OS
Borja Gamecho Ibañez

OpenSignals for Linux - beta Request

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