Quick Start Guide

Here will be enumerated the necessary steps to get started with the BITalino
  1. The first step is to ensure there is a valid bluetooth connection on your computer
    • Using the internal bluetooth module: Ensure that the bluetooth module is active on the windows toolbar menu
      bluetooth sensor
    • Using an external bluetooth adapter: Plug in the bluetooth adapter and wait for the device drivers to be installed
      bluetooth adapter
      bitalino drivers
  2. Turn ON the device:
    wearable devices prototyping
  3. Make sure that your BITalino is already paired with the computer.
    To pair the device, follow these steps:
    • Open the Bluetooth device finder and search for devices in range
    • Pair with the BITalino board using the PIN 1234
    human-computer interaction hardware biophysical sensing optical tracking
  4. Run the SignalBIT software and start having fun!
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