There's nothing like following a set of step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your goals. This page gathers a set of helpful resources explaining how to use BITalino in a variety of applications using our HCI Tutorial (Human Computer Interface Tutorial). You can thus learn how to interface with Unity, play pong using your muscles, graph your signals with Processing.org, and several other.
tutorialkudos tolink
BITalino (r)evolution integration with Unity.
(originally in Japanese)
Creact Int'l Corp.
Muscle-controlled fully automatic DiY X-Men Wolverine claws Hugo Plácido da Silva
IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações
Notes on the use of BITalino with Lab Streaming Layer in Matlab Greg Siegle
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine
Gift Away Your Heartbeat for Valentines Day! Eirik Sverd
Sverd Industries
Gesture-Controlled Deezer Player Mickaël Arcos
Deezer I/O
Graph Your Biosignals and Play Pong with Processing.org Edwin Dertien
MAKE: Magazine
eCiGee: A cardio-belt for ECG and activity tracking Sam
Build a BITalino-powered robotic hand Matheus Vieira, Nádia Costa, Renan Fonseca & Stella Lima
Escola SENAI "Roberto Simonsen"
How to get BITalino to working with Unity 5 Filipe Rodrigues & Hugo Gamboa
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Hugo Ferreira
Instituto de Biofísica e Engenharia Biomédica
How do I...Answer
Convert a BITalino Board to a BITalino Plugged
See how simple BITalino is?
See BITalino in action?
Use multiple EMG sensors with BITalino?
Connect BITalino sensors to an Arduino?
Hook-up a BITalino Freestyle?
Use the digital I/Os?
Use custom sensors with BITalino?
Connect an EMG sensor for HCI applications?
Breakout the X and Y axis on a BITalino Board Accelerometer ?
Breakout the X and Y axis on a BITalino Plugged Accelerometer ?
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