Over the years BITalino has been featured in a number of magazines, blogs and other media outlets... in this page you'll find a selection of articles, biotech and biomedical news talking about our signature do-it-yourself, easy-to-use and affordable toolkits. MAKE Magazine, WIRED, IEEE Pulse, TechCrunch, PSFK, Engadget, Atmel Blog and are just a few examples of places and medias where BITalino biomedical equipments have been featured.

These guys are talking quite a BIT about us!




“... an innovative low-cost toolkit for rapid prototyping of wearable devices and biomedical signal acquisition.”

DG-CONNECT Innovation Radar Prize

“... easier to collect data from different body sensors, to process it, and to share it.”


"... these technologies can be adopted in other domains, such as the creative industry..."


"... perfect for transforming your body into input."


"These Arduino Wolverine claws are controlled by your muscles."


“... letting people build their own health monitoring medical devices that are often not even available from manufacturers.”


"You can immediately take advantage of the incredible amount of effort the makers (and users) of the project have put into documentation and support."


Bringing a modular biosignal toolkit to market

IEEE Pulse

"BITalino can be used for professional prototype production..."

El blog del Bioingeniero

“BITalino (r)evolution may be slightly larger than a smartphone, but it is a true wearable technology laboratory.”

Future Behind

“Two years after launching the first BITalino boards, PLUX enters the final stretch for the launch of the (r)evolution version.”

Exame Informática Magazine

“... enables Makers to quickly bring projects entailing body signals and quantified self wearable devices to life...”


Body boards: A guide for wearable microcontrollers


“BITalino’s Next-Gen Sensors Squeeze the Costs
of Building Connected Health Apps”


“Open hardware sensor BITalino for cool projects”

opensource .com

“Build your own self-monitoring device with BITalino”


“BITalino Arduino Body Tracking Development Board Unveiled”

Geeky Gadgets

“BITalino Helps You Build Your Own Body Monitoring Device”


“The Portuguese contingent are killing it this spring”


"Assemble personal diagnostic tools with this DIY kit"

Wired UK

“… quicker & easier to build medical devices & health tracker apps”


“DIY toolkit turns people’s bodies into data-tracking machines”


“… designed for researchers and students alike to explore the physiological world..."


“...a microcontroller board for quirky and serious projects alike"


“What if you could make your own body signals monitor?"


“Until recently, these types of sensors would have been horrendously expensive..."

EE Times

“A platform for healthcare hardware hacking"

O'Reilly Radar

“DiY self-tracking…”

The Scientist

“… il kit per costruire biosensori fai-da-te”

Wired Italia

“Hack your health”

The New Zealand Herald

“Control drones like a Jedi”

Golem DE

“… a very clever design of the integrated circuits and overall circuit design”

Exame Informática Magazine
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